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In this video, I show you how to do a DIY custom temporary tattoo!
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Hey, I'm Holly Conrad! You may know me from Heroes of Cosplay. Sometimes you need to fake tattoos, whether for a cosplay costume, a Halloween costume, or living a lie!

When I cosplayed as Cecil from Welcome to Night Vale, I learned how to make believable custom temporary tattoos at home using tattoo paper. In this first episode of Cosplay Class, I'll show you how to make and apply custom fake tattoos that look super real. I'll also show you how to remove the tattoos so you don't end up with weird residue on your arm forever like those temporary tattoos from when you were a kid.

I'm demonstrating this technique on my husband Ross. Despite everything Ross says, getting temporary tattoos doesn't hurt as much as getting real tattoos! Ugh.

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Make your own Temporary Tattoos

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Now you can make your own Temporary Tattoos with or without a Printer

This is such a great idea for kids birthday parties, id tattoos so your kids wont get lost, pass ins for events, letting kids be creative and draw up their very own Temporary Tattoos on the spot or for competitions.

The idea is for lots and lots of FUN

The process is so simple. If you have an ink jet printer put he glossy side of the paper into the printer, print the images in reverse and then apply the Liquiskin TM skin adhesive over the sheet of images. ( The ink jet tattoo paper can also be printed by a Laser Printer) Use a ruler over the sheet to smooth out any bubbles

Next cut out tattoos and apply to the skin with sponge and water.

If you don't have a printer draw your images directly onto the A4 sheet of paper using pens or colored markers. Wait a few minutes for ink to dry. Be as creative as you want but make sure that the entire A4 sheet is full of images before you apply the Liquiskin TM Skin film adhesive over the top.

This concept is for fun and the tattoos have a slight shine to it. You can now literally make up your own Temporary Tattoos INSTANTLY.

Tattoos will last up to one week and can be removed instantly with perfume, alcohol,or baby oil.

DIY Metallic Flash Tattoos (Temporary Tattoo)

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Hey guys!

I'm going to show you guys 3 different ways to make your own DIY temporary metallic flash tattoo!

DIY Temporary Tattoo | April Fool’s DIY

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Learn how to make a temporary tattoo!


WHAT'S A GOOD SUBSTITUTE FOR LIQUID BANDAGE? Liquid bandage isn't absolutely essential. It just helps the tattoo last longer. Some subscribers have suggested using hairspray. Though I haven't tried it, I'd guess that it could work pretty well. Others recommend nail polish which I would definitely not advise.

CAN I USE NAIL POLISH ON TOP? I wouldn't recommend it. It would definitely leave a visible clear layer over the design and I can't imagine that would feel good on the skin.

Without the liquid bandage, it lasts about 2 days before fading. With the liquid bandage, it lasts about 4 days without fading. This might vary depending on which brand of eye liner you use, how much liquid bandage you apply, & how vigorously you wash the area when you shower.

No. I tested one temporary tattoo in an area that would have to come into contact with clothing and the black ink did not bleed onto clothing (if I set it with powder).

A felt tip pen that draws a good opaque black line. It doesn't have to be waterproof. (I don't recommend the Wet n' Wild liner I used).

1. Use an eye liner that comes in the form of a felt tip pen. Anything that allows more precision & control will be helpful.
2. The period between tracing the design on the wax paper with eye liner and transferring to the skin is important. Try to do this as fast as possible to get a good outline.
3. If you don't want your tattoo to smear, set with powder!

Thanks for watching! Here below are links for the stuff you will need.

DIY: Henna Temporary Tattoos | ShowMeCute

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DIY: CGH family is in town and so we wanted to bring you a fun DIY for you to try out. Brooklyn & Bailey and Shelby from OwlBeTeen helped me with this project to show you just how easy it is to do Henna Temporary Tattoos on yourself or a friend. Henna Tattoos are fun to experiment with different designs and they last for weeks. Have lots of fun this summer practicing with this Henna Tattoo Kit that you can buy at or in their store.

How to Make Temporary Tattoos: Back to School – IMO Ep 312

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Need ideas to show your school spirit? Join Gracie Dzienny and the ladies of IMO as they teach you how to make DIY temporary tattoos. You can make a tattoo of your school’s mascot for all your prep rallies and football games!