New Zealand tattoo artist offers to give temporary tattoos to sick children

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New Zealand tattoo artist offers to give temporary tattoos to sick children
A tattoo artist has offered to airbrush temporary tattoos on to patients in New Zealand's Starship Children's Health hospital.

Benjamin Lloyd posted a video of himself using an airbrush to tattoo a young boy to Facebook on Saturday, and offered to tattoo similar sleeves on Starship patients if he received 50 likes on one of his images.

"Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kids [sic] confidence with a custom tattoo 50 likes and ill [sic] go to starship hospital and tat all the kids up. It's airbrushed on (not permanent) peace," he wrote.

Benjamin Lloyd uses an airbrush to spray on temporary tattoos.

His post has since received more than 151,000 likes.

"Well it looks like im [sic] off to starship watch this space!" Mr Lloyd has replied.

He later clarified that the ink used in the airbrush was organic and non-toxic.

His posts have attracted thousands of replies, including from parents of Starship patients who have expressed interest in the offer.

Some users have criticized Mr Lloyd for tattooing a child, although it is mostly unclear whether they realized the tattoo was temporary.

Make your own Temporary Tattoos

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Now you can make your own Temporary Tattoos with or without a Printer

This is such a great idea for kids birthday parties, id tattoos so your kids wont get lost, pass ins for events, letting kids be creative and draw up their very own Temporary Tattoos on the spot or for competitions.

The idea is for lots and lots of FUN

The process is so simple. If you have an ink jet printer put he glossy side of the paper into the printer, print the images in reverse and then apply the Liquiskin TM skin adhesive over the sheet of images. ( The ink jet tattoo paper can also be printed by a Laser Printer) Use a ruler over the sheet to smooth out any bubbles

Next cut out tattoos and apply to the skin with sponge and water.

If you don't have a printer draw your images directly onto the A4 sheet of paper using pens or colored markers. Wait a few minutes for ink to dry. Be as creative as you want but make sure that the entire A4 sheet is full of images before you apply the Liquiskin TM Skin film adhesive over the top.

This concept is for fun and the tattoos have a slight shine to it. You can now literally make up your own Temporary Tattoos INSTANTLY.

Tattoos will last up to one week and can be removed instantly with perfume, alcohol,or baby oil.

Kids Temporary Tattoos | Safety

What kid do you know who hasn’t drawn or written on a hand, arm or face at one time or another to copy kids temporary tattoos? From the age of two, they love to creatively ‘decorate’ walls, themselves, and of course, each other. Although most countries regulate the ingredients of common ball point inks to ensure non-toxicity, you may still be concerned for their safety. What about the risk of a skin puncture during application? Abrasion, irritation, and infection are also possibilities to consider.

With this in mind what can be done? Does the problem require a strict ‘no marking’ policy? Even if that could be effectively enforced, what does it do to the psyche of the creative child?

Fortunately, kids temporary tattoos can provide a safe alternative.

Simple, fun and inexpensive, kids temporary tattoos are available in a wide variety of non-toxic multi-colored designs. A child may choose his or her own unique temporary tattoo to proudly wear and display without any of the risks mentioned above. They are a source of great fun at parties, special occasions and other forms of group play.

Kids temporary tattoos can provide functional safety.

Kids Temporary TattoosAnother very functional use of kids temporary tattoos to be aware of is marking children with a phone number and/or an address to prevent tragedy on an outing to a crowded public place. Lost children may be quickly identified and returned by the authorities.

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy themselves, learn to socialize with others and above all, know how to be safe. I use kids temporary tattoos to give my children safe and enjoyable opportunities to explore their creativity while learning life lessons.

How to DIY Temporary Tattoos ♥ Mermaid Gossip

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Learn how to create DIY Temporary Tattoos with Sharpie and Carbon Paper

I put out new videos every Monday and Friday

Kids Temporary Tattoos | Practical Use

Kids temporary tattoos can be a lot of fun. Selecting and applying a design can be very exciting in a group environment as a child. However, it is important to not overlook the practical (useful) aspect of temporary tattoos for kids.

Practical aspects of Kids Temporary Tattoos

I wrote here recently about creating your own temporary tattoos. This is a very creative exercise to build confidence in a child’s ability to make decisions, design appealing artwork, and socially interact with peers and parents. The opportunities to make and proudly wear an original, unique creation of one’s own making abound. The joy that a child can derive from that experience is unending.

As healthy as this can be, we might also consider the following.

There are situations where some form of identifier or notification is essential to a child’s well-being. Medical and developmental conditions are a prime example. A kids temporary tattoo may be used to alert people of a child’s diabetes, autism, or other situation to help avoid complications. On a public outing, especially with several children in tow, a simple temporary tattoo with a name and phone number can be the difference between tragedy and a happy reunion.

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KID GETS A TATTOO!!! Metallic Tattoo Prank! Hot Jewels

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On this episode of JillianTubeHD, Jillian demonstrates Hot Jewels Metallic Temporary Tattoos!

Later that day Jillian and MommyTube decide prank DaddyTube while he was taking a nap.

DIY: Henna Temporary Tattoos | ShowMeCute

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DIY: CGH family is in town and so we wanted to bring you a fun DIY for you to try out. Brooklyn & Bailey and Shelby from OwlBeTeen helped me with this project to show you just how easy it is to do Henna Temporary Tattoos on yourself or a friend. Henna Tattoos are fun to experiment with different designs and they last for weeks. Have lots of fun this summer practicing with this Henna Tattoo Kit that you can buy at or in their store.